2019 Nissan GT

Vehicles of various models have always been popular in movies. Four-wheel drive gave it all-weather capability - handy in this damp and pleasant land - and our V-Spec models were also equipped with ATTESSA-ETS-PRO, a system which switched drive to whichever of the four wheels most needed it, correcting the car if it skidded from its intended line.

But in among all the Sunnys, Sentras, Maximas and Patrols, there were gems, I mean million-dirham cars, just boxed in there, in among all the four-wheeled riffraff, amazing little pieces of Japanese automotive history that even noted Datsun collectors like US comedian and racer Adam Carolla can't lay claim to. What intrigued me most though was a tip about an original GT-R, which would make Freek the owner of one of just a few hundred coveted first-generation cars ever made and likely the only one on the African continent.

It has changed up the segment with its scorching performance and lower-price tag compared to the competition, thus making it your everyday supercar. Generating more than four times the factory horsepower and torque led to the essential reinforcement of the driveline.

The Nissan Skyline GT-R R34 was prominently showcased in the fourth film, Fast & Furious. Known as Hakosuka among enthusiasts — it wasn't ‘Godzilla' always — the first-generation car was rear-wheel drive, had a high-revving inline six engine, and was, later in its life, offered as a two-door coupe as well.

Even the interior acoustics have been retuned, to reduce unwanted noise, while allowing the pure intoxicating sound of the GT-R's engine to thrill like never before. The last of the original Skylines and the first to be officially imported into the UK, there is no disputing the R34 GT-R's icon status.

Like so many other performance cars of the Nissan Skyline GT-R era, the GT-R was born to compete in Group A motorsport. The standard GT-R's aluminum trunk lid is swapped out for a full carbon fiber panel and additional spot welds and adhesive help strengthen the chassis. Edmunds also provides tools to allow shopper to compare vehicles to similar models of their choosing by warranty, interior features, exterior features, specifications, fuel economy, vehicle dimensions, consumer rating, edmunds rating, and color.

It was still a time of great optimism, and if you were a Nissan fan, there was no greater proof positive of a bright future than the return of the GT-R. 4) Vehicle Dynamic Control: The Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC) system is meant to send more power to the appropriate wheels in case of over-steer or under-steer.

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